Rights in Exile website

Rights in Exile website: one stop shop for refugees and legal aid providers

AMERA is delighted to announce that it has acquired all responsibility to manage, update and invest in the Rights in Exile (RiE) website (www.amerainternational.org) – a well-respected and established ‘one-stop shop’ of resources for legal aid providers and refugees, globally. 

The Rights in Exile website aims to achieve better protection of refugee rights by networking legal assistance providers with resources and training, and providing refugees from around the world with access to free legal assistance and information – including a list of all the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) offices globally.

Key features for lawyers and refugees include a comprehensive, centralised database of contact details (regularly updated) of pro bono legal assistance providers in more than 230 countries; a database of country of origin experts;  and information on legal processes relating to refugees and a list of resource persons who are experts in special issues, such as gender issues in asylum claims or human trafficking. The website also offers learning materials on refugee law and case preparation and much more.

Over the past several years the website was managed by Dr Barbara Harrell-Bond (refugee rights pioneer and AMERA’s founder) and the International Refugee Rights Initiative. In January 2020, AMERA International agreed to take the website on board, acquiring all responsibility to manage, update and invest in it.

AMERA International’s pledge with this amazing and well-used resource is to develop, maintain and regularly update the RiE website so that lawyers, refugees, academics, and others continue to easily find the required information and support to grant refugees their full rights.

In addition, RiE website provides assistance for Family Reunification cases and a Self Help kit for refugees applying for asylum through the UNHCR. There is also a Google group where lawyers and /paralegals can discuss refugee cases and urgent matters for which they need assistance, anonymously.

A recent update includes a new link to an asylum guide by The Law Society –  for those applying for asylum specifically in the United Kingdom

The aim of the website is to provide access to knowledge, nurture the growing refugee legal aid and advocacy movement in all countries, and encourage active sharing of information as well as expertise among legal practitioners throughout the world. Legal aid is crucial to the realisation of refugees’ rights, especially the critical first step: recognition of refugee status.

Please check out the RiE website, and contact us with your suggestions, get involved, and help us grow our network.