Self-Help Kits

If you are a refugee who is applying for asylum through UNHCR, here are Self Help Kits to aid you in the process of writing your statement for your Refugee Status Determination Interview. The kits are available in Arabic , English , French , and Spanish.

General information for asylum-seeking claims

Video on how to Write Asylum Story

To access the video click here.

Scott legal Immigration law firm 

Click here for a short guide on how to prepare the written statement for refugee status determination.


Self-Help Kits by country/region


Click here to access a video explaining how remote Refugee Status Determination interviews are conducted in UNHCR Egypt since the outbreak of COVID-19.


SUAKA, Indonesian civil society association for refugee rights protection has put together the self-help kits below to assist in understanding the process of UNHCR Refugee Status Determination process in Indonesia:

For further information click here.

ASYLUM ACCESS (Africa, Asia, Latin America)

Click here to access a self-help kit on how to Write Your Statement for Your Refugee Status Determination (“RSD”) Interview with UNHCR.


Click here to access a video produced by Asylum Access Thailand and its local partners to help explain the Refugee Status Determination process to those seeking asylum in Thailand with the UNHCR.

United Kingdom

Click here for general remarks and a questionnaire to help while preparing your statement.

New Zealand 

Click here for information for asylum seekers in New Zealand.