What we do

We bring resources together for use by refugee legal aid advisors and advocates.

Resources for legal aid providers are scattered over the internet; we bring them together at one site, thus making it easier for legal aid organisations from any country to work collaboratively. Our aim is to strengthen and expand rights-based advocacy as well as to promote skilled legal aid for refugees through increasing efficiency, effectiveness, and raising standards of professionalism in the specialty of legal aid for refugees.

We promote information exchange between refugee legal aid advisors, through facilitation connections and providing avenuers for contact. We hope our resources, particularly those outside of our organisation, are helpful. It is important that you check it meets your needs. Please contact us if you find problems. Check here for your organisation: http://www.amerainternational.org/node/270#probono_table. If you are not listed but you provide legal aid somewhere in the world, please contact barbara.harrellbond@gmail.comimmediately so we can discuss with you your work and list you.