Special Issues

These pages are authored by Resource Persons who have knowledge and experience in each Special Issue. All Resource Persons are known to the Rights in Exile Programme. Legal aid providers working on a case involving a refugee may email these Resource Persons for advice and assistance in building a case. Advice will be confidential.

If you encounter other kinds of claims that present special problems in refugee status determination, please contact us so that we can broaden our list.

Special Issues in Refugee Status Determination

Accusations of Witchcraft

Apostasy or Conversion

The Exclusion Clause

Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

Gang-based Asylum Claims

Military Service Evasion

Palestinians who fall under the 1951 Convention

Roma and groups outside nation-state organisation

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Smuggling and Trafficking

Unaccompanied/Separated Children

Other Special Issues


DNA Testing


Post-Deportation Monitoring

Interpreters and Language in Refugee Settings


Medical Evidence in Refugee Status Determination procedures