Below are links to publicly available glossaries in various refugee languages. Please note that IRRI has not independently vetted these for accuracy.

Vancouver Community College Multilingual Legal Glossary  

Vancouver Community College has developed an online legal glossary available in Chinese, Farsi, Korean, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Superior Court of California-County of Sacramento 

The Superior Court of California offers a long list of PDF glossaries in a variety of languages for download.

Drum Publications 

Drum Publications produces an assortment of Karen and Burmese-language reference resources, some of which are available for free download online. A small donation is requested for downloads.

The Community Interpreter-Glossaries and Tools

This glossaries and tools page links to several glossaries and language support tools for interpreters and translators working in different settings.

Codes of Ethics

Combined, the following two codes provide a comprehensive picture of the ethics that community interpreters working in legal contexts should follow.

National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services  

This standards of practice guide, published by the Healthcare Interpreting Network, is a good reference for interpreters practicing in a variety of community interpreting contexts, including legal settings.

US Model Code for court interpreters 

This Model Code is a useful reference for court interpreters, and interpreters who work in legal settings in general.

External resource pages 

Critical Link-Resource Centre

Critical Link is a non-profit network committed to promoting community interpreting in social, legal, and healthcare sectors. Their resource page includes links to scholarly resources, listserves, and more items of interest to community interpreters and service providers.

Voice of Love-Resources 

The Voice of Love is a non-profit organization that provides training and resources for interpreters who work with victims of trauma. Their resources page includes an extensive list of books, articles, websites, and more for self-study purposes.

International Medical Interpreter’s Association (IMIA) 

Although the IMIA is primarily focused on medical interpreting, its resource centre has a rich offering of materials that will be useful in legal services contexts, including resources on cultural competency, mental health interpreting, medical and mental health glossaries, and many more.