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“RIPS is wonderful. I looked at the cost of other systems and they were 10 times the cost of RIPS and were not as good. RIPS has allowed us to improve the quality of our care for clients and it has massively improved the communication and coordination of services provided by different departments. It has been a game changer for us, we have professionalised as a result.” (Chris Eades, StARS – see more below)

Q & A with Chris Eades, St Andrew’s Refugee Services (StARS) executive director:

  1. How long have you been using RIPS? 
  • As a new RIPS manager, I have been using RIPS since 01/01/2019 however, the previous RIPS Manager started working with RIPS when it was introduced to StARS’s staff in December 2017.
  1. Did you look at other case management systems before you decided on RIPS?
  • Before this StARS was using the Google spreadsheet as the main system to record, save and track the case management.
  1. Why did you decide to use RIPS? This could refer to the cost, flexibility of use, ease of use, language, specialty features, recommendations from other organizations, less need for paperwork. Essentially, what made your organization realize that they needed to use RIPS?
  • RIPS helps StARS to track the clients all the time and see which services the client is accessing internally and externally to avoid duplicating services.
  • RIPS allows you to do clients report monthly, in order to see the progress of StARS and to track the annual target.
  • RIPS reducedes the amount of the paperwork the caseworkers had to do, and the risk of losing the paper which might lead to exposing the confidentiality of the clients.
  1. Has RIPS enabled you to do more as an organisation? For instance, have you been able to record/keep track of more cases, have you been able to help more refugees and has it allowed you to focus on more important jobs, knowing that the data is safely stored?
  • RIPS has been incredibly useful for getting StARS staff to become more collaborative with clients’ data. With RIPS, caseworkers can see the entire history of services and interventions provided to each client, and notes about each intervention.
  • The reporting mechanism in RIPS is quite complicated, however, the system is also quite customisable, and making it quick for me or to make some quick edits satisfying most needs, without needing to send messages to the developers for help.
  1. What has changed most within your organisation since you have started using RIPS? Can you achieve more within a day, have you found that you are more productive as a whole?
  • RIPS has made the daily and monthly tasks easier especially with our current clients load and when the clients are coming for follow up it will be difficult to see the history of the clients.


Elizabeth Otto, Operations Director, Asylum Access:

“Asylum Access is an organisation dedicated to making human rights a reality for refugees. Around the world, we provide individualised legal assistance, engage in community legal empowerment and advocate to governments and institutions in order to ensure that refugees can access their rights to move freely, work lawfully and rebuild their lives.

Asylum Access now uses RIPS in all of our five national operations – Ecuador, Mexico, Tanzania, Thailand and Malaysia. Our staff and volunteers use the system to record details of our engagement with clients, including both our legal assistance and community legal empowerment programming.

The use of RIPS has been highly beneficial to the organisation in allowing us to standardise our record keeping and monitoring practices, record detail-level information about each client and case, and ensure continuity of information between staff and volunteers. Perhaps most importantly, we have found Applied Network Solutions to be extremely responsive to our questions and concerns and very willing to customise RIPS to meet our needs. Their support and work have been key components of our success in using RIPS.”

Dr Barbara Harrell-Bond (pictured), AMERA International founder and author of Rights in Exile: Janus-Faced Humanitarianism:

“It is timely for all refugee legal aid organisations to standardise the management of refugee cases. We encourage all NGOs and law firms that represent refugees to do so – using RIPS.

We adopted RIPS at AMERA in Egypt early on. It did away with paper files that our office did not have room for and it meant that we could store our cases safely in the UK, which avoided the ever looming threat of the loss of refugee cases to police, fire, flood or theft.

Long before Refugee and Migrant Justice (the UK legal assistance service for refugees) went into administration, RIPS had been incorporated with funding from Comic Relief into our case management at AMERA Egypt.

RIPS required lots of adaptation to the specific needs of AMERA Egypt and your organisation may require such adaptation, too. AMERA International now aims to raise funding for these costs that you may incur, so we recommend that you apply.”


Contact us:

David Johnston, RIPS Architect: david.johnston@amerainternational.org

AMERA International Chair: tabea.dilling@amerainternational.org

AMERA International Administrator: sarah.holmes@amerainternational.org

We are happy to handle all manner of enquiries relating to RIPS. Please feel free to contact any of the team above.