Refugee Status Determination

Obtaining/Preparing Medical-Legal Assessments in RSD Adjudication 

The provision of medical evidence in Refugee Status Determination procedures is frought with challenges. Medical reports documenting asylum seekers’ physical and/or mental health are increasingly being used within Refugee Status Determination (RSD) proceedings as objective evidence to support asylum claims. 

RSD Adjudication and Psychosocial Support 

A method for conductiong RSD adjudication with psychosocial support. Information and materials on the importance pshychosocial support before, during and after refugee status determination. 

Psychological research relating to RSD procedures

Understanding and application of psychological science in the asylum process is important to ensure that adjudication is fair, lessening the risk of denying protection to refugees. Here we present a brief introduction to the psychological research that can be drawn on in representing people seeking international protection and adjudication of claims. We also offer links to further resources.