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As UNHCR statistics generally rely on data from host countries, statistics on refugees alone can give an insufficient account of refugee numbers, as some host countries will not grant refugee status to certain groups. Including statistics for individuals in refugee-like situations is an attempt to account for unrecognised refugees and does not include internally displaced persons. Statistics for stateless refugees are included if available.

Charitable Society For Social Welfare (CSSW)
P.O. Box 13254, Western Ring Road, The New University Intersection Sana`a, Yemen
Tel: +967 14 64 401 or 46 43 90
Fax: +967 14 64 419

CSSW is a UNHCR partner which provides social and material support to refugees. They do not provide legal aid but may be contacted for referral to other NGOs or lawyers that provide pro bono legal aid in Yemen.

Facebook  | Twitter
Via Aniene 26, A- 00198 Rome, Italy
Tel +39 06 85 37 431
Fax +39 64 06 85 37 43

Intersos is an Italian NGO working in Yemen focusing its efforts on the most vulnerable of refugees including women (especially those who have been victims of abuse), those with physical and psychological disabilities, children without family, the elderly etc. The refugee situation is monitored over time, both in urban areas of Aden and Sana’a and in the field of Kharaz.
In Aden and Kharaz, Intersos gives legal counsel to victims of violence, particularly women who are victims of sexual violence and harassment. They offer both help in meeting material needs and psychological support. In cases where women are still under threat, they are guaranteed secure accommodation within the areas of residence. In the city of Sana’a, Intersos also runs a safe house for women and children victims or potential victims of abuse. Both for Somalis, but above all for the Eritreans and Ethiopians Intersos monitors their presence in the prisons, the reasons and conditions of detention and, in collaboration with UNHCR, where detainees are eligible and intend to seek asylum in Yemen.
With the aim to promote integration and self sustenance of refugees living in Yemen, Intersos tries to find possibilities of integration into the local labor market. Young women and men are placed in vocational training courses which provide theoretical and practical training. The practical training is sometimes transformed into opportunities of access to a real job. Intersos Basateen manages a nursery in Aden, where Somali and Ethiopian children learn Arabic while their mothers are at work.

International Relief and Development (IRD)
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Contact Person: Andrew Knight

Since 2010, IRD (International Relief and Development) implemented the UNHCR-funded Community Services Assistance to Refugees program, aimed at strengthening Somali, Eritrean, Ethiopian and Iraqi refugee committees’ self-governance.IRD trains and supports these governing committees in community outreach and mobilization, information dissemination, conflict resolution, public relations, self-help initiative design, and implementation, leadership, and management. These skills improve refugee life in Yemen and remain useful when circumstances permit refugees to return to their countries. The increased self-reliance of the refugee communities also reduces the administrative burden on the Yemeni government and UNHCR.
IRD also supports community centers around Sana’a, which host the various refugee populations and their committees. The community centers offer a safe place for refugees to interact with each other. The also provide a focal point for community, cultural, and sporting events. Informal educational facilities offer classes in Arabic, English, French, and Somali; computers; and adult literacy and numeracy.
IRD supports 30 community-based daycare centers and provides early childhood development training to the centers’ staff to help unemployed women refugees.
IRD does not provide legal aid.

Society for Humanitarian Solidarity
Republic of Yemen, Aden,  Khormaksar Directorate, White City
Tel: +967 02 23 58 09/10
Fax: +967 02 23 40 87

Established in 1995 in Mayfa’a (Shabwa Governate), Society for Humanitarian Solidarity’s main objective is to assist the elderly, the needy, orphans, refugees and displaced persons from the Horn of Africa, particularly Somalia.
The organisation works with refugees in the Kharaz refugee camp and in refugee reception centers. It has established coastal patrols, monitoring a 600 kilometre stretch of the Yemeni coastline, picking up survivors and providing emergency care. Over the years the numbers have increased with more than 60,000 people having made sea crossings to Yemen in 2011.

UNHCR awarded Society for Humanitarian Solidarity the 2011 Nansen Refugee Award.

They do not provide legal aid but may be contacted in the hopes of a referral to other NGOs or lawyers that provide pro bono legal aid in Yemen.