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As UNHCR statistics generally rely on data from host countries, statistics on refugees alone can give an insufficient account of refugee numbers, as some host countries will not grant refugee status to certain groups. Including statistics for individuals in refugee-like situations is an attempt to account for unrecognised refugees and does not include internally displaced persons. Statistics for stateless refugees are included if available. – Welcome to Europe

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This hyperlink – – leads to an independent source of information for refugees coming to Europe. might be useful on their journey to and through Europe by giving access to counseling and useful contacts in different European countries.

Caritas Ukraine
Facebook | Twitter
National Office (Lviv):
vul. Ozarkevycha, 4, 79016, Lviv, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 (032) 297 66 36; +38 (032) 297 12 56


The aim of the project and the tasks of Caritas are to provide legal, social and medical assistance to migrants, asylum seekers and refugees detained at detention facilities, contribute food and hygiene packages to them; provide legal and social assistance to asylum seekers and refugees who are in the procedure of granting refugee status in Ukraine, provide temporary accommodation for 20 vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees; to improve a dialogue between governmental bodies and other NGOs who were working with the issues of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.
Caritas office is open to all persons of all nationalities to offer advice on legal and social aspects. Their role is to assist all migrants as well as asylum-seekers and refugees in their everyday problems, including integration.

Chernihiv Public Commitee of Human Rights Protection
57 Gorkogo St., Chernihiv, Ukraine, UA-14000
Tel/Fax: +38 (046) 26 25-381
Contact Person: Tukhan Ediev, Project Manager

“No Borders for Protection of Refugees” project. Direct counselling assistance to refugees and migrants; providing with interpreter and lawyer; realisation of mediation activity; work and travel of mobile group and so forth. Preparation of different human rights and information booklets for refugees and migrants; distribution of information which will promote legalisation of irregular migrants; holding joint meetings with refugees and migrants.

HIAS in Ukraine
22 Dashavska str., Kiev 03056, Ukraine
Tel: +38 (044) 45 31 653
Fax: +38 (044) 45 31 650
Contact Persons: Alexandr Galkin
Tel: +38 (067) 25 91 741

Legal Assistance:

Kyiv Legal Protective Services (LPS) provides protection and legal assistance in Kyiv and the surrounding region to asylum seekers and refugees from around the world. LPS also contributes to building a humane asylum system in Ukraine by training local judges, immigration and law-enforcement officials, and law students, and by developing legislative proposals and administrative regulations.
Specific legal, counselling and translation services provided by LPS are designed to aid refugees in applying for asylum in Ukraine, to assist UNHCR Ukraine with developing other durable solutions such as voluntary repatriation and resettlement in other countries, to intervene with local immigration and police authorities, and to represent those who are turning to Ukraine’s court system in their effort to receive protection.

Human Rights in Ukraine
27 Ivanova St., Apt. 4, 61002, Kharkiv, Ukraine; P.O. Box 10430, 61002, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Tel/Fax: +38 (057) 70 06 771

The group is a registered charity that focuses on providing assistance to individuals whose rights have been infringed, and carrying out investigations into cases of human rights violation, developing human rights education and promoting legal awareness through public actions and publications, and providing analysis of the human rights situation in Ukraine (particularly with regard to political rights and civil liberties.)

Tel: +38 (031) 31 32 122
Fax: +38 (031) 31 31 450

The international fund of health and environment protection “Region Karpat”, or NEEKA (an abbreviation of the Hungarian name) is a branch of an international NGO and has been founded to assist with individual and social development. NEEKA is also active in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Romania. In Ukraine, NEEKA’s activities are focused mainly on providing social protection and aid to asylum seekers and refugees, especially women, children and the elderly.
In co-operation with UNHCR and Zakarpattya regional organisation of the Red Cross, a project on providing refugees with social and medical aid is being implemented in the region. In addition, it includes basic legal counselling of women and children rendered at the Mukachevo dormitory and the Counselling Centre in Uzhgorod. With UNHCR support, ADRA (Austria) and Optimax (Hungary) jointly constructed a prefabricated house for this most vulnerable category of refugees.

No Borders Project of the Social Action Center
Kyiv, Ukraine

Email: General enquiries

Email: Asylum seekers and refugee issues

The No Borders Project of the Social Action Center publishes reports about the Ukranian Asylum System and the situation with hate crimes in Ukraine on their website. The organization provides legal aid on a free of charge basis and offers the opportunity to contact a lawyer through their website.

ROKADA Charitable Foundation
7 Vasylya Chumak Street, 04201 Kyiv / 03113, Kyiv, PO Box 1993
Tel.: +38 (044) 50 15 696
Fax: +38 (044) 50 15 695

ROKADA Counseling Center implements multi-sectoral assistance to vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers residing in Kiev and Kiev Region, including: social counselling to refugees and asylum seekers, identification of cases to be provided with monthly subsistence allowances and provision of targeted in kind assistance; community development activities; counselling on medical issues; employment counselling; facilitates access to social and economic services provided by the state.
ROKADA Integration Centre organises Russian and Ukrainian language courses for refugee adults as well as English and computer courses for refugee children. To develop different talents of the children the Centre established the theatre school. Women enjoy visiting dress-making courses.
The Centre organises and carries out together with the refugees various cultural events, helps them to keep their national customs and traditions, promotes establishment of Sunday schools. The special task of the Centre is to employ refugee women from Asia. Aiming to help such a category of women the Centre created embroidery and beads-work courses. The work of Integration Centre is focused on involvement of different refugee communities (Afghan, Kurdish, Angola, Chechnya communities, which are registered as public organisations in Ukraine).

Vinnytsya Human Rights Group

Contact persons for internally displaced persons (migrants) in the following areas:

Vinnitsa: (067) 9040972 – Eugene

Cherkassy: (097) 1432639 – Catherine

Khmelnitsk: (097) 2728242 – Roman 

Tel./Fax: (04 32) 32-37 27 or 46-53 14

UNHCR partner. Protection of refugees and asylum seekers. Provision of medical assistance.