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As UNHCR statistics generally rely on data from host countries, statistics on refugees alone can give an insufficient account of refugee numbers, as some host countries will not grant refugee status to certain groups. Including statistics for individuals in refugee-like situations is an attempt to account for unrecognised refugees and does not include internally displaced persons. Statistics for stateless refugees are included if available.

Arche d’Alliance
Ville d’Uvira, Sud-Kivu
Contact: Baudouin Kipaka, Coordinator
Tel: +(243) 81 32 01 942

Arche d’Alliance monitors, documents and carries out research on at-risk children, human rights violations, gender-based violence and on socio-economic rights.

Arche d’Alliance work in eastern Congo in support of human rights and advocacy for victims of human rights violations, war crimes, and other injustices. Their mandate is to contribute to and rebuild a “culture of peace” in Eastern Congo and defend human rights in the region. Their specific programmes include the provision of free legal consul to disadvantaged populations (children forcibly or unlawfully detained, wrongfully accused and detained persons, victims of sexual violence, former child soldiers, those living with HIV/AIDS, and refugees, etc). They work to popularize the judicial instruments available to citizens in order to bring perpetrators of violence and crimes against humanity to justice; observe, investigate, and report on widespread violations of human rights in our community, and respond with the appropriate judicial processes; aid the community with peaceful conflict transformation; and give support to legislation favouring reform in Congolese law in order to provide an atmosphere protective of human rights for all Congolese persons.

Arche d’Alliance monitors, documents and carries out research on at-risk children, human rights violations, gender-based violence and on socio-economic rights.

Avocats Sans Frontiéres (ASF)


Avenue Muhumba, Quartier, Muhumba
Tel.: +243 (0) 81 44 60 208


Avenue Ituri, N° 458, Quartier Lumumba, Bunia
Tel.: +243 (0) 97 00 48 946


81, Avenue La Corniche, Quartier Volcans
Tel.: +243 (0) 8 14 57 18 43


Immeuble Congo Fer 1er niveau Avenue Colonnel Ebeya 15/17 Kinshasa/Gombe
Tel: +257 22 24 16 77 or +257 22 24 63 35


17, avenue Mobutu, Commune de Mbandaka

The primary goal of Avocats Sans Frontiéres (ASF) is to contribute to the establishment of institutions and mechanisms that allow for access to independent and impartial justice, and which are capable of guaranteeing the protection of fundamental rights (civil and political, economic and social), including the right to a fair trial. ASF implements projects aimed at providing legal advice and assistance in collaboration with national lawyers and for the following categories of beneficiaries: minors, women, detainees, victims of human rights violations and fundamental freedoms. In the absence of other sources of such specialised legal aid, refugees are encouraged to contact the ASF office.

The A.W.P.E.D

N° 94 ISIRO Street, Nyamianda Quarter, Uvira City, South – Kivu Province, in DR CONGO
Tel: +243994020783

A feminine local organization of Congolese women which supports the promotion and the protection of woman, young girls and children in the South Kivu province, democratic republic of Congo. The organization was created by the militants’ woman at KILIBA city in October 16 the, 1999 with the goal of helping women and children victims of wars, displacement and refugees living in hard situation and contributes to the improving of their social, health and economic conditions.

Center for Victims of Torture, CVT
237/1 Avenue Major Vangu, Commune de Lubumbashi, Ville de Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo
Tel. +243 (0) 81 754 17 07, +243 (0) 995 374 969

In September 2006, CVT started operations in Katanga Territory with programme sites in Pweto and Moba and an administrative office in Lubumbashi. CVT provides direct mental health services to survivors of torture and war trauma and builds local capacity in mental health.

Psychotherapeutic services are provided by professional clinical staff as well as the trained, supervised national staff, both in individual and group sessions. CVT staff also provides couples therapy.

Global Refugee Leaders Forum

Av. Kituku One (200 m from the new Cathedral, Route CCLK, Quartier Kyeshero, Goma/ Nord-Kivu), DRCongo
Tel: +243973704159
Whatsapp: +256758197767

The office is open every day from Monday to Saturday between 8am and 4pm. There is no need to take an appointment.

Foundation People for Peace and Defense of Human Rights changed name to Global Refugee Leaders Forum. Previously based in Uganda, they are now based in DRC but still represented in Uganda through individuals. They offer legal assistance to asylum-seekers and refugees (during the refugee status determination process, or through representation in court). They also do research and advocacy on various refugee issues and empower refugees about their rights and responsibilities. Moreover, they hold information sessions on refugee issues and refugee capacity building in leadership.

Droits Humains Sans Frontières
Franck KAMUNGA CIBANGU, Directeur Executif
Droits Humains Sans Frontières ASBL, Im. Botour Apt. 5 C/Gombe, 861 Kinshasa
Tel: +243 98 20 93 18

Droits Humains Sans Frontières work for the defence and promotion of human rights, for democracy and community development; towards peaceful conflict resolution and peace building in local communities and states in conflicts around the Great Lakes Region through mediation and reconciliation; promotion of gender equity through research and publication with research partners; promoting new information technology and communication for educational and social development; and fight against HIV / AIDS through health and reproductive education. DHSF provide free legal aid for the poor and needy; they conduct training on human rights, international humanitarian law, democracy, conflict resolution and the political participation of youth and women in countries in transition; and conducts research on peace and the peaceful resolution of conflicts in the Great Lakes region, on refugees and IDPs.

Initiative for Peace and Human Rights (iPeace)
N° 14/1, Av. Bobozo,
 Commune dʼIbanda,  Ville de Bukavu, Province du Sud-Kivu
314, Rue de Golf, 3e niveau Immeuble Mudumbi, ville de Goma, Province du Nord-Kivu
Tel: +243-997-372-487 (Kiswahili, French or English)
Contact Person: Ezéchiel Amani Cirimwami (Country Director)

Initiatives for Peace and Human Rights (iPeace) is a non-profit organization that works to help communities and individuals in Africa’s Great Lakes Region achieve sustainable peaceful coexistence using human rights and good governance education. iPeace has independently registered organisations in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, which closely collaborate to achieve their shared mission. iPeace provides legal aid to asylum-seekers and refugees in the DRC, Burundi and Rwanda.

War Child International

Website (international):

Address in the UK: Linton House, 39-51 Highgate Road, London, NW5 1RT
Phone: +44(0)207 916 9276
General enquiries email:
Programmes enquiries email:
Address in Canada: 489 College St. Suite 500, Toronto, Ontario, M6G 1A5
Address in the Netherlands: Helmholtzstraat 61-G , 1098 LE Amsterdam
Address of War Child Holland in DR Congo: 5 Avenue Cécile Horizon, Commune d’Ibanda, Bukavu
War Child UK concentrates on a number of issues in DR Congo, including: conflict minerals, sexual violence, the Lord’s Resistance Army, the war in DR Congo. War Child Canada has been working in South Kivu, DRC since 2005 alongside local partners including The Ministry of Education, community radio stations, local Congolese NGOs, women’s groups, and community leaders to improve awareness of human rights and sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) and access to safe and quality education. War Child Holland implements a project titled “Partnerships for Peace” to promote enjoyment of the rights by children and to strengthen civil society.