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As UNHCR statistics generally rely on data from host countries, statistics on refugees alone can give an insufficient account of refugee numbers, as some host countries will not grant refugee status to certain groups. Including statistics for individuals in refugee-like situations is an attempt to account for unrecognised refugees and does not include internally displaced persons. Statistics for stateless refugees are included if available.

Since information from Chad is so scarce we are providing the UNHCR Farchana office email:; the Farchana office has the responsibility of three camps: Tredjing, Bredjing and Farchana for the Sudanese refugees.

Legal Aid Organisations

Association Jeunesse pour la Paix et la Non violence (AJPNV)

6318 N’djamena, Chad
Tel: +235 66 23 36 50 or +235 66 26 79 69
Contact Person: Nodjigoto Charbonnel, AJPNV National President
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 08:00-12:00, 13:00-15:00, Friday 08:00-12:00

Association Jeunesse pour la Paix et la Non violence (AJPNV) provides free of charge medical and psychological support as well as legal aid to victims of torture and members of their families, refugees living in urban areas and in camps (especially refugees from Central Africa Republic in the South of Chad and Sudanese refugees camps at the East of Chad), IDPs and prisoners. Regarding legal assistance, AJPNV intervenes in a number of ways including covering the cost of lawyers, courts, translation and legal proceedings. The above is complemented by the provision of various social services aimed to reduce the sense of marginalisation and facilitate their access to housing, health care, education and training.

Association des Femmes Juristes du Tchad

BP 4089, N’Djamena, Quartier Amrikebe, 5e arrondissement Porte
Tel: +235 22 53 30 74

Organisation working to improve socio-legal conditions for and defend the rights of women and children in Chad. Focus on training and supporting the role of women in peacebuilding, including in mediation, conciliation and dispute resolution techniques. They receive funding to provide legal support to women and children in vulnerable situations.

Association pour la Promotion des Libertes Fondamentales au Tchad
BP 4037, Chagoua, Ndjamena
Tel: +235 22 51 91 14

Recently provided a grant to provide legal service and improve access to justice in Chad. Work on making Chad a state where human rights are better respected, where better governance is practiced and fundamental freedoms are guaranteed. They provide training for citizens, denounce human rights violations and defend citizens when their rights are violated.

Chad Relief Foundation (CRF)
Facebook | Twitter
125 E. de la Guerra Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, USA
Tel: 80 59 69 55 21
Contact: Bill Felstiner

The Chad Relief Foundation (CRF) was initiated in April, 2007 by a group of people in Santa Barbara, California dedicated to improving the lives and prospects of the people of south Chad, with particular attention to the 70,000 refugees from the Central African Republic living in camps outside of Goré, Maro and Haraze.  These are the forgotten refugees for whom there is no media attention, celebrity presence or geopolitical significance.  CRF has funded projects in the areas of health, recreation, education and housing.  CRF does not provide legal assistance.

Public Interest Law Center
BP 4559, Amtoukoui District, N’dj Chad
Tel: +235 63 26 22 82

A long-standing reflection aimed at combating the root causes of human rights violations. Offers free legal services to all people in poverty, but gives priority to women and children who particularly suffer from poverty. Legal aid is provided by collaborator lawyers and paralegals.

International Organisations

Catholic Relief Service (CRS)

Providing several service to refugees in Chad, including legal support to children. Additionally, providing orphans and vulnerable children with educational, health, psychological, and financial support, including assistance with finding housing in southern Chad. CRS work with food-vulnerable communities and individuals to meet their needs in emergency situations, improve their access to seeds and farming tools, and reinforce their resilience to climate change.

HIAS in Chad
Contact Person: Roch Souabedet
Tel: +235 66 38 19 68

Supporting refugees to build new lives and reunite with family members in safety and freedom. Strengthening community-based protection networks, providing mental health and psychological support, distributing food and non-food items, and implementing ‘permagardening’ initiatives. Working on gender-based violence prevention and response, and economic inclusion of refugees.