Centre for Refugee Studies’ Refugee Research Network
 York University, Toronto, Canada

The Refugee Research Network (RRN) aims to contribute to the improvement of the well-being of refugees and forced migrants around the world by expanding our awareness refugee issues and forced migration; improving communication concerning this knowledge within and between academic, policy-making and practice sectors in the Global South and North; and alliance-building and active policy involvement in the development of national and international policy frameworks and humanitarian practices affecting refugees and forced migrants.


European Migration Network (EMN)

The objective of the EMN is to meet the information needs of Union institutions and of Member States’ authorities and institutions by providing up-to-date, objective, reliable and comparable information on migration and asylum, with a view to supporting policymaking in the European Union in these areas. The EMN also serves to provide the general public with such information, including via this website.

European Network on Statelessness (ENS)
28 Stainforth Road, London, E17 9RD, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)2 04 52 66 653

Statelessness affects more than 12 million people around the world and at least 600,000 in Europe alone. To be stateless is to not be recognized as a citizen by any state. It is a legal anomaly that often prevents people from accessing fundamental civil, political, economic, cultural and social rights. Yet statelessness remains a relatively hidden and little understood issue. With both government and civil society organisations often unaware of the problem, many stateless persons find themselves stuck in the margins of society without respect for their basic human rights.

The European Network on Statelessness is a civil society alliance committed to address statelessness in Europe. ENS acts as a coordinating body and expert resource for organisations across Europe who work with or come into contact with stateless persons. The European Network on Statelessness is dedicated to strengthening the often unheard voice of stateless persons in Europe and to advocating for full respect of their human rights.

Migrants’ Rights Network
The People’s Place, 80-92 High Street, London, E15 2NE
Tel: +44 (0)2 07 42 47 386

Migrants’ Rights Network work brings together migrant activists and support organisations, think tanks, academics, faith groups and public sector representatives to advocate for a rights-based approach towards migration in the UK. They also provide the secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Migration. Launched in 2006, they have worked to create the foundations for a UK civil society movement in support of migrants, through building lobbying and campaigning, online and media work, public events and providing support to migrant community activism. They particularly promote the concerns of migrant groups creating space for them to voice their views and experiences.

21ter, rue Voltaire F-75011 Paris

Migreurop is a network whose activities focus on gathering and disseminating nformation about migration in Europe. Join the Migreurop listserv.

The Child Recovery and Reintegration Network

The Child Recovery and Reintegration Network is a global network that facilitates the sharing of information and research between practitioners working for the recovery and reintegration of children affected by sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Voices of Young Refugees in Europe

VYRE is a network founded in February 2008 by young refugees to unify and strengthen the voices of individual young refugees and their organisations in Europe. Our aim is to influence social and policy change at national, European, and global levels and to realize our equal human rights and dignity.


Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network (WHRIN)      

The Witchcraft and Human Rights Network (WHRIN) aims to raise awareness of witchcraft accusations taking place around the world and work to find lasting solutions to the human rights abuses that often arise from such practices. It was established by Gary Foxcroft who is a child rights advocate and internationally respected expert on child witchcraft accusations. The charity that he founded – Stepping Stones Nigeria – has been at the forefront of the awareness raising campaign to draw attention to this issue in Nigeria and elsewhere around the world. He has a wide-range of experience in working with children accused of witchcraft and the organisations that care for them.