Handbook on European Law Relating to Asylum, Borders and Immigration

European Court of Human Rights and European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights Handbook on European law relating to asylum, borders and immigration

UNHCR Protection Training Manual for European Border and Entry Officials 

UNHCR’s Protection Training Manual for European Border and Entry Officials has been developed in connection with UNHCR’s 10-Point Plan of Action, which was launched in 2006 to help governments identify and protect refugees within increasingly complex population flows. 

Talking About Refugees and Immigrants: A Glossary, Canadian Council for Refugees

This Refugees and Immigrants Glossary, a two-page document gives a clear rundown of the terms used in refugee / immigration discourse, and may be a useful starting point for training purposes, though some parts are specific to the Canadian system.

Réfugiés et Immigrants: un glossaire, Conseil Canadien pour les Réfugiés

Ce glossaire sur les réfugiés et immigrants est recommandé. De nombreux termes sont utilisés pour parler des réfugiés et des immigrants. Certains ont une signification juridique, d’autres ont une connotation péjorative. L’utilisation des termes appropriés est essentielle au respect des personnes et favorise la tenue d’un débat éclairé dans ce domaine, et cet glossaire est une bonne ressource pour la formation.

The National Immigrant Justice Center’s Basic Procedural Manual for Asylum Representation

The  National Immigrant Justice Center’s Basic Procedural Manual for Asylum Representation is recommended. Although much of it deals with US law and procedure that may not be relevant in other jurisdictions, some sections, like “Preparing for the Hearing on the Merits” starting on p. 35, have lots of good general information on how to interview clients and prepare a case.

The Heartland Alliance’s (previously Midwest Immigrant and Human Rights Center) Immigration Equality Asylum Manual

The Midwest Immigrant and Human Rights Center provides and online Immigration Equality Asylum Manual. The manual focuses mainly on LGBT claims, but it also provides general asylum practice advice.

The Advocates for Human Rights’ Pro Bono Asylum Representation Manual: An Overview of Asylum Law & Procedure

Advocates for Human Rights offer an online Pro Bono Asylum Representation Manual. Applicable practice information generally covers Preparing the Asylum Application, Interviewing the Client, Establishing Trust with Your Client, Overcoming Cultural Barriers, Dealing with Psychological Barriers, Interviewing through an Interpreter, various Practice Pointers, Affidavits, Corroborative Evidence, Personal Documentation, Material Witnesses, Country Conditions Documentation, Expert Witnesses, and more.