List-servs and Discussion Groups

List-servs and Discussion Groups are channels for discussing problems, requesting specific information such as country of origin data, or making necessary contacts. They are moderated so as to prevent nuisance material be circulated. It is not necessary to join a list-serv to obtain needed information. One can contact the moderator, asking a question to be passed to the members. 


ABA International Human Rights List-serv

List-serv, American Bar Associational International Human Rights. Subscribers to the list-serv do not have to be ABA members. Subscribe on the ABA website or send russell [at] kerrlawfirm [dot] com (an email).


Fahamu Refugee Legal Aid Network list-serv

To join the FRLAN list-serv, click here and enter your details. Alternatively, FRLAN-list [at] fahamu [dot] org (email the moderator).


LGBT Asylum list-serv

To join the LGBT Asylum list-serv, please send imeq_lgbth_asylum [at] lists [dot] riseup [dot] net (an email).


Forced Migration Discussion List-serv

The Forced Migration List Serv is moderated by the University of Oxford Refugee Studies Centre and accesses 3,000 researchers concerned with refugee issues. Posting a message is a good way to disseminate job opportunities, request Country of Origin Information, locate experts to make declarations or find solutions for other needs. To post a message or join the Forced Migration Discussion List, click here.



INTREFUGEE is the list-serv of the Committee on International Refugee Law and is discussion group for members this American Bar Association Committee. To join or to post a message click here.


Immigration Law Professors List-Serv

This list serv is for law professors. However it is useful to anyone needing information on legal decisions, or desiring to read the informative articles about US immigration law and refugee law. To join or request assistance for information, please send immprof [at] listserv [dot] unc [dot] edu (an email).



This US list-serv provides immigration clinical faculty with a secured forum to share information and seek advice on immigration cases and strategy. It is intended for those engaged in advocacy on behalf of clients. If interested in joining, please send veronica [dot] thronson [at] law [dot] msu [dot] edu (an email).


Expert Witness

Expert Witness is a closed group of mainly anthropologists who can help refugee legal advisers with cases that involve ‘cultural’ issues such as asylum claims based on witchcraft accusations. Although invitation is necessary to join the group, specific questions about cases may be emailed to veronica [dot] thronson [at] law [dot] msu [dot] edu (EXPERTWITNESS[at] and Dr. Prakash Shah, the moderator, will forward your inquiry to the group.


Refugee Law Initiative

The Refugee Law Initiative (RLI) at the Human Rights Consortium of the School of Advanced Study, University of London is the only academic centre in the United Kingdom to concentrate specifically on international refugee law. If you wish to subscribe please send RLI [at] sas [dot] ac [dot] uk (an email)