AMERA International is partnering with the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN) to map organizations providing mental health and psychosocial services for Afghan refugees in the Global South, to map legal pathways for people fleeing Afghanistan, and to coordinate these services. The project aims to:

  • Map out legal pathways for displaced Afghans, and ensure information on legal routes is available and accessible
  • Connect available MHPSS services for displaced Afghans with organizations wanting to refer Afghans for support and treatment
  • Strengthen coordination between MHPSS services and legal aid providers representing Afghans

The project works in line with AMERA’s Therapeutic Legal Assistance Model, aiming to strengthen integrated legal and MHPSS services. AMERA is working with APRRN to increase access to complementary services to improve outcomes for displaced Afghans.


For more information for displaced people from Afghanistan, and for organizations working to assist them, see:

Do you provide mental health and psychosocial support – in person or remotely – for displaced Afghans in the Global South? Do you provide free of charge legal representation for displaced Afghans in the Global South? Do you have expertise or information to share? APRRN and AMERA would like to hear from you!

If you are an organisation working with displaced Afghans in the Global South and you would like to be involved, please write to and