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“First Kyrgyz Sex-Change Surgery A ‘Success’”

6 February 2014

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Excerpt from Article: “Doctors at the Bishkek-based National Hospital told RFE/RL on January 5 that the surgery was performed on a 25-year-old man from Uzbekistan in October. Doctors said the patient — who was not named — has made regular returns to Bishkek for checkups since then. The last visit to the Bishkek clinic was two weeks ago. Doctors said the patient, who is now a documented woman with a female name, is recovering well and feeling good.”

“Kyrgyzstan Court Protects Trans Woman’s Right to Privacy”

22 November 2019

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Excerpt from Article: “A trans woman has won a lawsuit against Iliazbek Baltashev from Kyrgyzstan’s New TV station, after she was filmed without her consent and the video was broadcast and then shared on social media, putting her in danger.”

“If Not Now, When?’ LGBT Movement Gains Momentum In Kyrgyzstan”

1 July 2019

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Excerpt from Blog: “This spring, a march in Bishkek marked International Women’s Day by calling for equality for all — including LGBT people. Members of the LGBT community say it marked a turning point in the fight for equal rights in Kyrgyzstan, but they describe ongoing battles with harassment, threats, and job discrimination.”


Krygyz Indigo

Tel: +996 555 231 215

Kyrgyz Indigo is a Kyrgyz LGBT+ organization, and one of the largest in Central Asia. It is engaged in implementing rights, legal advice, advocacy activities and providing services for the community. Kyrgyz Indigo fights for equality and improvement in the quality of life of LGBT+ people. It also aims to create a society free from prejudice and stigma towards LGBT+ and improve the quality of life of LGBT+ through human rights programs.


Address: p/o box 1969, Glavpochtamt 720000, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
Contact email:

Telephone (s):
+996 (312) 902 963 (Mon-Fri, 9:30 to 18:00)
+996 (555) 902 963 (Mon-Fri, 24 hours)
+996 (705) 902 963 (Mon-Fri, 24 hours)
Skype: LabrysKG

The LGBTIQA organization “Labrys” is a grassroots platform for advancement and protection of the human rights of LGBTIQA people in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia, equipped with advocacy instruments moved by different generations of activists. The organisation’s main goal is to improve the quality of life of LGBTIQA communities in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.



Telephone (s):

+996 773 308147

+996 556 202 606


The GRACE was founded by activists and allies with diverse backgrounds in human rights, gender, HIV prevention, psychology and media. The group united to search for new approaches in opposing homophobia and discrimination against LGBTI people in Kyrgyzstan, taking as a basis the work with information, believing that the lack of it or its distortion is one of the key causes of discrimination.

This is a community-based LGBTI organization that sees community work not as a beneficiary, but as an active participant in the creation of a friendly society.

This is a team of professionals aimed at finding and using non-standard approaches, innovative ideas, new technologies, media resources and a universal language of creativity on the way to creating an LGBTI-friendly society.