Jamaica Post-Deportation


FURI – Family Unification & Resettlement Initiative

11 Greyden Avenue, Kingston, 10 Jamaica
Tel: +1 876 90 68 262
Fax: +1 876 27 93 283
Email: familyunif@hotmail.com

FURI is a non-profit organisation founded by Carmeta Albarus-Lindo, LCSW in May 2002 which since its establishment has been engaged in the reintegration of deported individuals. They have assisted persons facing deportation as well as those who have been deported to Jamaica from countries such as the US, Canada and the UK. Ms Albarus-Lindo is a forensic social worker with 20 years of experience working within the criminal justice system in the United States. Based on her work on behalf of immigrant clients, Ms Albarus-Lindo saw the need for services that can help such clients adjust positively to deportation. Given her Jamaican roots, Ms Albarus-Lindo was concerned primarily about the impact of deportation on Jamaican nationals as well as the impact that displaced persons can have on Jamaica’s development. She was inspired to start FURI , so as to help deported persons plan for a better tomorrow by focusing on the need to improve their own lives as well as the need to contribute to the development of their home countries.

FURI aims to assist in the reintegration of deported persons by collaborating with other service agencies. FURI has an office in New York and in Kingston, Jamaica. Assistance may be provided through various services including :

  • Accommodations/Shelter referrals
  • Employment/Vocational counseling and training referrals
  • Drug /alcohol abuse rehab referrals
  • Health care referrals
  • Counseling
  • Re-connection with family
  • Help in obtaining National ID, TRN, etc.

National Organization of Deported Migrants 


Dr Bernard Headley, Board of Directors
Email: bernard.headley@uwimona.edu.jm

Michael Gordon, Board of Directors
Email: michael.gordon@uwimona.edu.jm

Tel.: 1 876 420 8117

The National Organization of Deported Migrants (NODM) is a non-profit organization found, staffed, and run by deported persons for the social, economic, legal, and political interests of all Jamaicans involunatrily returned to their homeland. NODM seeks to challenge the stimga surrounding those deported back to Jamaica, while also emphasising the citizenship rights of those returned. Through education and civic engagement, they aim to teach, protect, and make real the right to reintegration. To facilitate successful reintegration, NODM focuses on these three essentials indentified by returnees themselves: a reasonably accepting, more understanding society, with less stigmatization; a decent place to live; a chance at a sustainable livelihood.  
Watch the following video, which is shown to Jamaica’s about to be returned, for more indepth information on NODM. 

Watch our Coming Home to Jamaica DVD from NODM Jamaica on Vimeo.