Professionalising interpreters who work in migration and refugee contexts is vital, and professional interpreter training is an important part of ensuring interpreters have the skills necessary to provide accurate, complete interpretation. Below is a list of interpreter training resources available online and in-person.

Training courses for interpreters 


Training modules and videos available online

Training modules 

UNHCR Interpreting in a Refugee Context 

UNHCR’s self study module 3 
UNHCR’s training manual for interpreters is available for free download from Refworld in PDF format.

UNHCR Handbook for Interpreters in Asylum Procedures, 2017. This handbook aims to offer guidance and support to interpreting practitioners, trainers and authorities and to advance efforts to promote the use of trained and qualified interpreters in asylum interviews.

National Network for Interpreting (UK) 

The National Network for Interpreting is UK-based organization that aims to promote the interpreting profession. In addition to many other valuable interpreter and language-related resources, the website offers online training modules in topics such as note taking, message analysis, professionalism, language mastery, cultural awareness, and many more.

Practicing Asylum Law Film and discussion modules

The Film Practicing Asylum Law should be watched alongside the following discussion modules: ‘Thoughts From An Immigration Attorney‘ and ‘Thoughts from an Asylum Officer‘. 

The film and modules demonstrate the issues around interpretation in the asylum adjudication system in the USA. The modules provide training to go alongside Practicing Asylum Law. Taking the reader through each issue as it arises, the modules discuss the problem from either the perspective of the Immigration Attorney or, the Asylum officer. The modules explain how interpreters should tackle these issues and ensure best practices in interpretation for refugees and asylum seekers.  


Training videos

These videos from Clarity Interpreting cover most topics and provide a good crash course in interpreting 

Interpreter Training (part1)
Interpreter Training (part2)

This short video from Legal Services of New Jersey provides information on how to work with interpreters.

Working with Interpreters