In memory of dead and missing

Campaign for dead and missing migrants at borders

EuroMed Rights is campaigning alongside 125 other organisations to denounce the number of people who died, went missing and disappeared at borders while trying to reach Europe. 

“In 2021 alone, more than 6,000 men, women and children died trying to cross the Mediterranean, but the actual number is likely to be much higher,” says EuroMed Rights. 

The campaign marks the Global Day of Struggle against Death at Borders on 6 February 2022 – spearheaded by CommemorAction. EuroMed Rights is a regional non-governmental organisation which promotes human rights and democracy for all on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea. AMERA International is a member.

The organisation argues these deaths are a direct consequence and responsibility of the EU’s and Member States’ migration policies.

EuroMed Rights urges the EU and its Member States to open legal pathways, grant safe access to territory and asylum, and increase resettlement and relocation efforts among EU Member States.

“Opening legal pathways is the only way to prevent migrants from embarking on deathly journeys, and thus to reduce deaths. The procedures for the identification of dead migrants are of paramount importance for migrants’ dignity and for helping the victims’ families in the difficult process of healing and grief. The EU and its Member States have the chance to change their policies now and avoid this tragic loss of lives we have been witnessing for years,” says Wadih Al-Asmar, President of EuroMed Rights.

EuroMed Rights is also publishing a series of country infosheets on Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Italy and Spain, as repositories of all useful materials and resources on missing migrants in each of the countries.