Important Spanish Legal Aid Information

1. Spanish Law recognizes for asylum seekers who have a low income the right to free legal aid for the administrative determination procedure and also for the subsequent judicial review and appeal procedures.

2. Asylum seekers at border points (checkpoints, international seaports and airports) are entitled to legal advice through a private lawyer or a public attorney, provided free of charge by NGOs or the local Bar Association.

3. Voluntary agencies can also provide free legal advice throughout the determination procedure. Due to the difficulties involved in the proceedings, it is strongly recommended to be advised by an Immigration and Asylum Law practitioner.

4. The Asylum Act also establishes that NGOs assisting asylum seekers and refugees can play a consultative role in the determination procedure by submitting written reports on individual cases.

5. Free legal aid for litigation must be requested through the Bar Association Legal Assistance Service (Servicio de Orientación Jurídica del Colegio de Abogados)