According to UNICEF, the prevalence of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) in Uganda is 1%. 82% of girls and women who have had FGM/C performed want it to end.

Terre des Femmes notes that prevalence is 95% in the north and north east of Uganda. It is members of the Kalenjin ethnic group living in the areas bordering on Kenia, the Sabiny ethnic group in the Kapchorwa, Kween and Bukwo districts and the Pokot ethnic group in the Budama, Amudat, Nakapiripirit, Morotoand Karamoja regions who practise FGM/C. Girls are usually cut at the beginning of puberty, or sometimes earlier, as an initiation into adulthood during which they have to prove their will power. FGM/C is performed by traditional practitioners and knifes are used on many girls in succession, without cleaning them. The type of FGM/C varies among the ethnic groups; overall excision is the most common type, closely followed by clitoridectomy and infibulation. Reasons for practising FGM/C include the belief that it will make the woman faithful and fertile and the fact that a cut woman is likely to command a higher bride price. 

Uganda adopted the Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Act in 2010. Uganda acceded to the ICESCR in 1987, ratified CEDAW in 1985, the CRC in 1990 and the Banjul Charter in 1986. For Ugandan case law concerning FGM/C, see our case law page.

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Anti-FGM/C Organisations in Uganda

ICOD Action Network
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Room B001, Amber House Kampala Road – Kampala Uganda, East Africa
Tel: +256790914659

The Integrated Community Efforts for Development (ICOD) Action Network aims to create lasting social change in rural communities. In northeastern Uganda the ICOD Action Network has established a grassroots movement, the ‘Barefoot Grannies’, who are working to end FGM/C and promote women’s reproductive health and girl-child education. The grannies are leading efforts to change their communities’ perspective about women’s rights.
We have no FGM/C Country of Origin Expert for Uganda, but would welcome suggestions. Please contact us