Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) may occur in Thailand, even though it is considered a non-practising country. There is, however, a report of FGM/C being performed in southern Thailand. 

Thailand acceded to the ICESCR in 1999, to CEDAW in 1985, and to the CRC in 1992. 


FGM/C Country of Origin Experts for Thailand

Dr Claudia Merli


Dr Claudia Merli is Lecturer in Socio-Cultural Anthropology (Health) at Durham University, UK. She is a social anthropologist specialising in medical anthropology, the body, and reproductive health, with regional expertise in Southeast Asia, Thailand and Malaysia. She has provided the first detailed account of FGM/C practices in Southern Thailand. She is conducting research on male and FGM/C in different communities in Thailand. She has been consulted by WHO officers in relation to government policies on FGM/C in Indonesia, and by Swedish researchers to be expert evaluator for a research questionnaire to assess knowledge, practices, and perceptions of male and female genital cutting among Somali refugees in Sweden.




We have no Anti-FGM/C Organisations in Thailand, but would welcome suggestions. Please contact us.