Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) occurs among members of migrant communities in the Netherlands, even though it is a non-practising country. A recent study estimates that in the Netherlands 29,120 women underwent FGM/C and that 40 to 50 girls are at risk of undergoing the procedure. 

The Netherlands outlaw FGM/C in their penal code and, as noted in the EIGE fact sheet, it is both illeagal to perform FGM/C and to aid it being performed in any way. The law applies extraterritorially.

The Netherlands have not signed the ICESCR, but ratified CEDAW in 1991 and the CRC in 1995. The Netherlands have signed but not ratified the Istanbul Convention.


Anti-FGM/C Organisations in the Netherlands


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In the Netherlands Pharos is the national knowledge centre on female genital mutilation. They focus on health, prevention and healthcare for circumcised women and offer a FGM/C prevention teaching toolkit for education. It can be used for teaching both pupils from ethnic backgrounds and their classmates who are not familiar with FGM/C. The toolkit is suitable for different ages and educational levels.




We have no FGM/C Lawyer for the Netherlands, but would welcome suggestions. Please contact us