According to UNICEF, the prevalence of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) in Mauritania is 69%. Most girls undergo FGM/C when they are about 1 month old.

Terre des Femmes notes that in 90% of cases FGM/C is performed by traditional practitioners and the most common type is excision. Reasons for practising FGM/C include the belief that it is prescribed by religion, that only a cut woman will gain social acceptance, that it will ensure a girl’s virginity before marriage and that it is more hygienic. 

Mauritania passed legislation related to FGM/C in 2005. However, UNICEF notes that the law bans FGM/C only in governmental health facilities and when performed by medical practitioners. FGM/C is only a criminal offence if the victim is underage. Mauritania acceded to the ICESCR in 2004, to CEDAW 2001, ratified the CRC in 1991 and the Banjul Charter in 1986. Additionally, 34 religious leaders in Mauritania have issued a fatwa prohibiting FGM/C.

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