Iraq/ Iraqi Kurdistan


According to UNICEF, the prevalence of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) in Iraq is 8%. 88% of women and girls want the practice to end. FGM/C is practised mostly in the Erbil and Sulaymaniyah. Terre des Femmes notes that girls are usually cut around the age of 4. Among the Shiites the procedure is usually medicalised, and possibly disguised as a plastic surgery in a hospital, and is often performed just before the pilgrimage to Mecca. In rural regions the procedure is performed mostly by midwifes and older women, sometimes by the girls’ grandmothers even if they have no medical knowledge. The most common type of FGM/C is clitoridectomy.

Iraq (Kurdistan region) passed legislation related to FGM/C in 2011. Iraq ratified the ICESCR in 1971, acceded to CEDAW in 1986 and to the CRC in 1994.  

We have no FGM/C Country of Origin Expert for Iraq, but would welcome suggestions. Please contact us


Anti-FGM/C Organisations in Iraq  

Stop FGM in Kurdistan

c/o Wadi Office Iraq, Bakhtiari 113 Hakari, Street 14, House 8, Suleymaniah Kurdistan, Iraq 
Tel.: +964-7701-588173

Stop FGM in Kurdistan is a network of local and international organizations, human rights activists, artists and journalists. Supported by local media, the campaign succeeded in mobilizing the public and initiating a – hitherto unthinkable – public debate. In 2011 finally the Kurdish Parliament adopted a comprehensive law against many forms of violence against women and children, including female genital mutilation. Since then the campaign is mainly focusing on the implementation of this law.

Wadi – Iraq

Bakhtiary, Section 113, Street 34, House 21, Suleymaniah Kurdistan
Tel.: 00964-7701-588173

Founded in 1992, the Iraqi-German association WADI supports various programs and projects to empower people and strengthen human rights in the Middle East. WADI focuses on women’s rights with training and literacy classes, assistance for victims of domestic violence and building spaces for women and girls. The campaign “Stop FGM Kurdistan” is one of WADIs most renown activities. Democracy building is another focal point. We support youth media, help with setting up citizen interest groups and lobby for democratic rights.




We have no FGM/C Country of Origin Expert for Iraq/Iraqi Kurdistan, but would welcome suggestions. Please contact us.