Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) may occur among members of migrant communities in Angola, even though it is considered a non-practising country.

Angola has acceded to the CEDAW in 1986 and the ICESCR in 1992. In 1990, it ratified the CRC and the Banjul Charter.


FGM/C Country of Origin Experts for Angola

Virginie Tallio

Dr Virginie Tallio is an anthropologist who has worked on Angola since 2003 in several provinces and in Luanda where she has gathered extensive experience of social, political and human rights conditions. For her reasearch, she has worked on refugees and returnees, the health system, non-State actors development policies and projects and the issue of identity documentation for Angolans who have lost their I.D. Dr Tallio has written expert reports for the Southern Refugee Legal Aid Network (SRLAN) and for different UK and USA legal aid clinics, solicitors and NGOs, especially regarding FLEC members or their family members, single women, unaccompanied minors and health-related issues.

She holds a Ph.D from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris, France) and a Master of Advanced Studies in Demographic Economy from the Institut d’Études Politiques (Paris, France). She is fluent in French, English and Portuguese.



We have no Anti-FGM/C Organisations in Angola, but would welcome suggestions. Please contact us.