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September 2012 Issue

July 2012 Issue

Why I cannot return to Rwanda: testimonies of Rwandan refugees

 Why is the government of Tanzania backtracking from its commitment to fully grant citizenship to Burundian refugees?

Refugee and migrant protection at sea: lessons from the Mediterranean

Special focus: ISRAEL

Refugees denied legal rights in Israel

Refugee related issues in Israel: an update

The end of temporary group protection for South Sudanese

Open letter to Israel: Eritreans are NOT economic refugees


June 2012 Issue

Palestinians who fall under the 1951 Convention: a Norwegian case

Legal aid profile: the Cambridge Pro Bono Project

Ruling: the state is obligated to provide adequate translation services in RSD interviews

Open letter to the Cyprus Bar Association

Conference panel: the need for competent counsel for refugees

Why immigration detention harms people and doesn’t work

South Africa: High Court refuses to grant leave to appeal closure of refugee reception office

Important judgement on the value of medical reports


May 2012 Issue

Pending questions: UNHCR Recommendations regarding the Cessation Clause for Rwandan refugees

Asylum victory on appeal: Immigration Judge placed ‘unreasonable expectations’ on applicant to demonstrate the motive behind violence against her

UK detaining Sudanese asylum seekers with an aim towards deportation

Understanding psychology can make asylum decisions fairer

EU resolution against human trafficking in the Sinai

Hungarian asylum process condemned by the UNHCR

Thai NGO collecting signatures to petition for a Refugee Act

The Moroccan Arab Spring: Protecting migrants rights in theory and practice

Campaign for access to detention centres in Europe

Refugees in Egypt: Between rights and responsibilities


April 2012 Issue

‘We are in hell’: Legal aid needed for detained asylum seekers in Romania

Legal aid battles in the Lords: a report from the United Kingdom

Country of Origin specialists: engaging at what cost?

‘Experts’ in the asylum process: are good intentions good enough?

Court injunction forbids Israel from deporting South Sudanese

Update: Syrian refugees in Turkey

Syrian men barred from leaving country without military approval

More resettlement places in Europe?

 Court rules conditions in Dadaab to be ‘inhuman and degrading’

Canadian government to include Mexico on ‘Safe Country of Origin’ list

 Mock trial for Europe aims to shed light on human rights

Petition: Support Refugee Action’s ‘Access to Justice’ initiative

 Petition: Campaign to save North Korean refugees in China from refoulement


March 2012 Issue

How to apply for asylum in Brazil

 Practice Advisory on Interim Memo regarding law students, graduates and other representatives appearing before United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

The importance of psychosocial support in the refugee status determination process

Asylum approval rate in Japan still shockingly low

Changes to refugee system in Canada further undermine refugees

Italy rebuked by European Court after deportations of Somali and Eritrean asylum seekers

Statement on Kenyan Government plan to relocate refugees back to Somalia

Syrian refugees in Europe: news from Belgium and Sweden

Syrians in Jordan: Guests, not refugees

Democratic Republic of Congo London embassy staff resign and claim asylum

Open letter from Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers in Djibouti

Letter from the Rwandan Refugee Community in Zambia to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

Refugees in Brazil denounce ‘exploitation network’


February 2012 Issue

STOP PRESS: Fahamu Refugee Legal Aid website

United States practice advisory concerning asylum applications for long term residency or family reunification put on hold under the Tier III provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act

Somalis in Kenya suffer the consequences of Kenyan war in Somalia

Life in exile: challenges facing refugees and organisations working to support them in Cape Town

Arbitrariness regarding access to the asylum procedure in Bulgaria

Longing to repatriate or resettle? Bhutanese refugees in Nepal

How language testing used to authenticate asylum claims fails to recognise the reality and complexity of language

Death at the gates of Europe: refugees drown off the Moroccan coast trying to reach Spain

Language analysis in the UK Refugee Status Determination system

Updates on access to asylum in Switzerland


January 2012 Issue

Providing open access to legal literature

US required to consider testimony from asylum seeker

Refugees in Djibouti detention centre need help     

Rights in Exile Programme seeks Director   

Assessment of United Kingdom Border Agency’s Operational Guidance Notes

Organisational profile: against deportation from the UK

Court provides for exceptions to Dublin II, when Member State does not observe asylum rights

Report on meeting between UNHCR and Rwandan refugee organisations   

News on Rwanda and the cessation clause   

Testimonies of Rwandan refugees 

STOP PRESS: Refugee Act passes in Korea 



December 2011 Issue

The Bangkok Principles on the Status and Treatment of Refugees

Africa NGO resolution on the rights of refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and displaced persons

Asia Pacific model pledge towards upholding refugee rights worldwide

MIGREUROP explores readmission instruments

The situation of refugees in Israel

Question & answer: the Cessation Clause examined

The Cessation Clause: a primer

ECtHR allows extradition to Rwanda of alleged Hutu génocidaire with refugee status in Denmark; UNHCR does not intervene

‘Is this Caribbean idyll the worst place in the world to be a woman?’

WikiLeaks diplomatic cables: a tool for refugee legal aid workers?

In limbo in Latvia

Asia Pacific Regional Immigration Detention Working Group workshop


November 2011 Issue

Resettlement in exchange for local asylum?

UNHCR’s incentive salary policy

Human rights in Rwanda

International refugee law judges conference

Country of origin and legal news

Child custody rights and UNHCR resettlement

Resettlement, divorce and visita1on rights

Profile: Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project, Articulo en Español


October 2011 Issue

Remarks & letters on the Cessation Clause

New project: international law in domestic courts

Discussion of workshop on asylum‐seeking children

Asia Pacific regional refugee protecLon cooperation

Refugees in Egypt train in advocacy

The refugee situation in Korea

New Canadian AssociaLon of Refugee Lawyers

Asylum seekers in Estonia receive free legal assistance

Irish asylum system needs reform

Iraq’s mistreatment of Iranians in Camp Ashraf

How Asylum Access Thailand uses the FRLAN

Can a European gain asylum in another EU country?

Workshop: cultural expertise in English courts


September 2011 Issue

Sign to Protect Rwandan Refugees!

Rwandans in UK Face Danger

UNHCR‐Rwandan Refugee Meeting

LGBTI Rights in Sudan

Case Note: ECHR on Dadaab Camp

Asylum in Poland

Cyprus Police Attack Detainees

Case Note: Return from UK to Cyprus

Syrian Refugees in Turkey

UK Refugee Legal Aid Cuts


July/August 2011 Issue

Training Asylum Lawyers in the UK

Case Note:Asylum & Child Custody

Australia’s Troubling ‘Swap’ Plan

Egypt’s Invisible Palestinians

The UK’S Troubling Asylum Practices

Thai Refugee Freedom Fund

Syrians Flee to Turkey

Call: Continue Protecting Rwandans

Sinai Atrocities, Israel Detention


June 2011 Issue

Expert Advice in Legal Cases

Australia Plans Asylum ‘Swap’

Rwanda & the Cessation Clause

European Borders

UNHCR Urban Refugee Policy in Bulgaria


May 2011 Issue

Refugees in the Russian Federation

Kenyan Refugee in Transitional Justice

Events & Courses

Canada in Violation on Returns to USA

News: Australia, Cyprus, Namibia, Eritreans


April 2011 Issue

Looking for Legal Literature

The Cessation Clause, Uganda Style

Coalition for Rights of Iranian Refugees

Advocacy Action in Thailand: APRRN

Family Reunification in Finland

Refugee Crisis in Libya


March 2011 Issue

New Mexican Refugee Legislation

US Ruling on Fear of Future Persecution

Rights in Exile Programme: An Overview


February 2011 Issue

US Debate on Evidence Access in Immigration Cases

UNHCR’s Position on Returns to Côte d’Ivoire

Shutting ‘Gateway EU’: Greece’s Fence Plans

Persecution, Death of Uganda’s Sexual Minorities

Commentary on Human Rights in Uganda

News: Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt


January 2011 Issue

UK Age Assessment: A New Approach

Arguments for Legal Asylum System in Jordan

Witchcraft Allegations & Refugee Protection

Egypt Sinai: Refugees Taken Hostage

Commentary: UNHCR’s Role in Israel-Sudan Returns

Transgendered Women Allowed to Remain in the US

South Africa to Return Zimbabweans in 2011


December 2010

Refugee protection in Israel: recent developments

Age disputed asylum seeking children in the United Kingdom

Publications and resources

India’s constitutional right to life – a hope for refugees?

Japanese judgement on Rohingya disregards international human rights and refugee law norms

Malaysia: Combating human trafficking must not be at the expense of human rights

South Africa: Refugees can again access bank accounts


November 2010

Egypt: first steps taken in creation of National Network of Refugee Lawyers

The law, policy and practice of refugee protection in India

Update from Japan: Asia’s only resettlement program continues


October 2010

Is the United States a safe third country? A commentary on Canadian Council for Refugees v. Her Majesty the Queen

Hard times for refugees in Northern Cyprus

Commentary: UNHCR’s deregistration of Iraqis in Syria


September 2010

From Refugee to citizen? Obstacles to the naturalization of refugees in Uganda

United Kingdom: the right to work during the asylum claim process


July 2010

Response to UNHCR’s new eligibility guidelines on asylumseekers from Sri Lanka

The United Kingdom’s reception of asylum seekers


June 2010

Iraqi Refugees detained in Lebanon issue public statement

ALERT: Using the European Court to stop deportation

Statement of the Joint Committee of the 8th Tripartite Commission Meeting, 13 May 2010


May 2010

Uganda & Malawi: Africa’s LGBTI Rights Under Attack

New UNHCR guidelines on Somali asylum claims

Call for Refugee Legal Aid in Nepal


April 2010

Using civil society networks to engage with intergovernmental processes: The Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network

Australia’s partial suspension of asylum processing prompts protest

Dadaab refugees release open letter of grievances


March 2010

Refugee legal aid at Canadian embassies

Early warning of Cessation Clause?

UNHCR country of origin briefing papers available online

International Detention Monitor e-Newsletter and Toolkit

New refugee legislation in Chile

Asylum in Mexico

Assessing credibility in religious-based refugee claims: the case of Pentecostals in Egypt

Refugee law training held in Malaysia


February 2010

  • Refugees in Central African Republic fear return
  • Need for refugee legal aid in Cameroon
  • Hong Kong’s refugee law is changing
  • Budget increase for refugee resources in Egypt expected
  • Yemen sees rise in African migrant arrivals
  • Court case of Chechen limits detention to 18 months
  • Return pressure on refugees in Thailand
  • Cyprus detention victory
  • Malaysia to issue refugee identity cards
  • Japan to resettle Myanmar refugees