DNA Testing in the UK

The following are UK Government approved DNA testing companies:


International Centre For Life, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4EP, UK
Email: info@northgene.co.uk
Telephone: +44 0191 233 1414

NorthGene is a DNA testing company with over 20 years of experience administering DNA tests for government organisations, solicitors, private individuals, coroners and embassies. The company is led by renowned geneticist Professor Sir John Burn, and has in-house specialties in a variety of genetic and forensic disciplines. NorthGene offer a bespoke service allowing our experienced Client Liaison Team to manage each case based upon its specific requirements. They are specialised in Paternity, Maternity and Siblingship tests for these purposes. They have an international network of samples in most countries, however in the rare instance that they do not have a doctor within a certain geographical area they work with the client to locate a doctor that they are able to use. Their fees start from £345 for a family of 3 individuals. This charge excludes courier fees which are bespoke to each country and on average are approximately £50 in total for export and import. Additional individuals are charged at £100 per person. If maternity reports are required these are charged at an additional £30 per child they are required for. As pricing can be quite complex in these cases, they recommend that clients contact them directly to ascertain an accurate quotation. To register a case or obtain a quotation, please contact them via email or telephone.