Legal Information

The Djibouti Constitution does not criminalize homosexuality, and offers equality for all people before the law under Article 10. Homosexuality is considered de facto illegal in Djibouti however, due to the influence of Islamic law in a country where 94% of the population is Muslim. Legal penalties remain unclear.

Case Law

No published cases have been found. We would be grateful if users of this website could refer us to any LGBTI cases from Djibouti.

Public Attitudes / State Capacity to Protect

According to a 2004 ‘Behind the Mask’ report, ‘Illiberal Attitudes‘, public attitudes and laws in Djibouti are ‘far from liberal.’ Homosexuals must remain undercover and in fear of the rampant homophobia. A local gay man who was interviewed for the report said that homosexuals cannot meet in the open. All activity must be carried out in secret for fear of harassment from the government or their own families.

Due to the taboo nature of the topic of homosexuality, there are no associations in the area equipped to deal with the issues faced by the LGBTI community, so there is no support system for individuals struggling with sexual identity. In February 2012, ‘Gay Life in Djibouti Africa’ reported that there is little access to Internet and no services for health or education about homosexuality.

Other reports on the LGBTI situation in Djibouti include:

Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

No NGOs were found that specifically deal with issues faced by the LGBTI community. We would be grateful if website users could please refer us to local organizations working on LGBTI issues.

Country of Origin Specialists

No Country of Origin Specialist that focuses specifically on LGBTI issues was found. We would be grateful if users of the website could refer us to any organizations that focus specifically on issues faced by the LGBTI community in Djibouti.

Researched by: Rhiannon Archer