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Dr Adrian R. Marsh

Researcher in Romani Studies, University of Greenwich (London)
Tel: +90 533 232 3973
Email: romanistudies[at]mac.com

Roma rights, Romani children’s rights

Dr Marsh gained his PhD in Romani Studies from Greenwich University (London), his MA (South East European Studies) from SOAS/SSEES and completed his BA Hons (1st) in East European History at SSEES, London. He has also been a Gypsy/Traveller Education Support Teacher in London. He teaches courses on Romani history and culture, trans-national forced migration, refugee studies and human rights and children’s rights in Turkey, Sweden, the UK, Albania, Kosovo, Rumania, Cyprus and Egypt. He is a frequent and accredited expert for the European Commission, Council of Europe and the European Parliament and has published widely on the issues of Roma rights and Romani children’s rights, Romani history, language and cultures. He has also been a consultant for a number of major NGO’s (European Roma Rights CentreSave the ChildrenHelsinki Citizens’ Assembly) and has produced many research reports in both capacities. He has also acted as an expert witness in a number of refugee cases involving Romani and Gypsy people from Turkey, the Balkans and Egypt seeking asylum in the UK. He is of English Romany-Traveller origins himself.

Dr Kelly Pemberton

Email: kpembert@gwu.edu
Website: www.kellypemberton.com/expert-witness

Kelly Pemberton is a professor of religion and women’ studies at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Professor Pemberton specializes in the study of gender, Islam, and Muslim communities in global perspective, with in-country experience in the regions of South Asia and the MENA (Middle East and North Africa). She has worked on a number of legal cases involving refugees from Pakistan and India who have sought asylum in the UK, US and Hong Kong. Prof Pemberton is experienced in preparing a variety of research-based and evaluative reports, including expert witness reports, white papers, institutional analyses, gender analyses, concept designs, program evaluations, and guidance documents.