Trinidad & Tobago – COI

Prof. Shirley Anne Tate


Professor Shirley Anne Tate, Sociology Department, University of Alberta  Canada and Visiting Professor in Institute for Reconciliation and Social Justice, University of the Free State, South Africa. Born and educated in Jamaica, she continues to have regular contact with the island. She has also done fieldwork in Trinidad and Tobago and has a general  knowledge of the rest of the Anglo-Hispano- and Francophone Caribbean. She is unprepared, however, to serve as a COI expert witness for the Dutch-speaking Caribbean.

Dr Stacy-Ann Elvy 

Tel: 212-431-2126

Stacy-Ann Elvy is an Associate Professor of Law at New York Law School where she teaches Comparative Human Rights Systems, International Business Transactions, and Commercial Law. Professor Elvy is the associate director of the Center for Business and Financial Law at New York Law School and she is affiliated with the Center for International Law. Professor Elvy has also taught courses on Commonwealth Caribbean Legal Systems and has conducted extensive research on sexual violence against women in the Commonwealth Caribbean with a focus on Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica. Her most recent article, A Postcolonial Theory of Spousal Rape: The Commonwealth Caribbean and Beyond has been published in the University of Michigan’s Journal of Gender and Law. Professor Elvy has served as an expert to the ABA-United Nations Development Program International Legal Resource Center and has provided legal opinions on anti-discrimination legislation proposal for Jamaica. Professor Elvy received her Bachelor of Science in Industrial Labor Relations from Cornell University in 2001 and was awarded her Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School in 2004. Professor Elvy’s scholarship has also been published in the Emory International Law Review and the University of Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law.

Dr Brian Meeks


Brian Meeks is Professor of social and political change, Director of the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies and Director of the Centre for Caribbean Thought in the Department of Government at the University of the West Indies, Mona. He has also taught at Michigan State University, Florida International University and Anton de Kom University of Suriname and served as Visiting Scholar at Cambridge University, Stanford University and Brown University. He has published eight books and edited collections, including Caribbean Revolutions and Revolutionary Theory, 1993 and 2001, Envisioning Caribbean Futures: Jamaican Perspectives, 2007 and The Thought of New World: The Quest for Decolonisation (ed. with Norman Girvan) 2010. His first novel, Paint the Town Red was published in 2003.He is willing to give expertise on Jamaica, Grenada, and Trinidad and Tobago.