The acronym RIPS stands for Refugee Information Processing System. It is a cloud/web-based system to standardise and secure every input on an individual refugee case management. It increases the effectiveness of data organisation and can be adapted to the specific needs of any organisation.

A craft workshop for children in a refugee camp. Taken by Oliver Tringham, AMERA International trustee.

RIPS enables organisations to maintain client records using a web browser. The software allows organisations to keep track of client information from the first meeting to the successful conclusion by any member of staff who is allowed access to the case.

RIPS can be individually adapted to the specific needs of your organisation. For example, a disclosure of sensitive information can be restricted to the responsible legal advisor, caseworker, social worker or specific department, to keep the highest attainable protection of the client. This may be required in many situations; such as in organisations dealing with personal and highly sensitive information and where a client fears exposure among staff.

RIPS is affordable for NGOs

Software licenses for RIPS are free with NGOs paying a small cost towards the services of hosting the data, adapting the system to the organisation’s needs, and keeping RIPS running sustainably. 

RIPS is more cost effective than other case management systems on the market and the only purpose-built solution for refugee case management.

What does it cost?

AMERA International is committed to making RIPS software licences free for NGOs. Data collected on RIPS is preferably stored on the cloud for maximum security. 

Cloud hosting

For the most efficient use of RIPS we recommend cloud storage. With this option, NGOs only pay for the running costs of RIPS, which includes the leased line and hotline needed for their questions and problems. In addition, the running costs supports the sustainable development of the UK data centre and the pay of the IT professionals on hand. 

Running Costs of RIPS:

Annual Charge One off costs
  • Leased line and hotline for questions and problems – charge based on number of users. See table below.
  • Installing the system and training the system manager and other staff (2 days maximum) – £500 per working day with a consultant.
  • Optional extra costs to tailor RIPS depending on the bespoke needs of the NGO

To discuss the specific needs of your NGO and to receive a quote, email 

Annual charge of RIPS

The annual charge for RIPS is based on the number of caseworkers that use it in the NGO.  

Number of RIPS users  Annual Charge
1-5 £500
6-10 £1000
11-15 £1500
16-20 £2000
21-30 £2500
31-40 £3500
41-50 £4000
51-60 £4500
Over 60 £50 for each additional concurrent user per annum 
The option of storing data on site
We discourage storing data on site as RIPS users will miss out on the benefits of the cloud. With the cloud, caseworkers are safeguarded against theft of their laptop and targeted attacks, and the data can also be accessed from anywhere in the world in seconds. When data is stored on site, this requires more technical know-how and work by the IT professionals working onsite in the NGO’s specific country. In short, creating reports using RIPS requires a level of IT literacy and also onsite installation and training. We ask for a fee of £2,000 to cover these training and installation costs, as well as continual technical hand-holding provided remotely. RIPS IT professions are available for support through multiple communication streams during office hours.


RIPS: increasing productivity for NGOs and law firms


Who is using RIPS?

English language versions of RIPS are used by:

    1. Asylum Access in Malaysia, Thailand and Tanzania .
    2. St. Andrews Refugee Services (StARS) in Egypt.
    3. The law firm, Sutovic & Hartigan in the UK.

Spanish language versions are used by:

Asylum Access in Mexico and Ecuador.

An Arabic language version of RIPS has been implemented in partnership with the UK charity ‘Save The Children’ .

A French translation of RIPS is under way for those charities who would like the system in French for French speaking caseworkers.

Contact/How to get RIPS?

For more information about how RIPS can help your organisation and to request an online demonstration, email: – RIPS Architect – AMERA International Chairperson – AMERA International Administrator