Clone of Special Issues in Refugee Status Determination

Special Issues in Refugee Status Determination

The pages that follow deal with special issues in refugee status determination with which  legal advisers may benefit from assistance in building a case: Apostasy or Conversion, Exclusion Clauses, Gang-Based Aslyum Claims (incomplete), Gender-Based Persecution and Women’s Claims to Asylum, Military Service Evasion, Palestinians Who Fall under the 1951 Convention, Separated Children, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Statelessness, Victims of Accusations of Witchcraft, and Victims of Trafficking. Our Resource Persons are responsible for the information that is available on their page and all would be grateful for suggestions how to make their page more complete.

The Resource Persons that are listed on each page are known to the Rights in Exile Programme, we hold their curriciulum vitae and all have signed on to the Nairobi Code. You may therefore write to them for advice and help in building your case. You may share your cases with them in confidence.

There may be other kinds of claims that present special problems for  you and forwhich this list does not provide help.  We would be pleased if you would bring such types of claims to our attention so that we may broaden the usefulnss of the web.