Canada Post-Deportation


Parkdale Community Legal Services
1266 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M6K 1L3
Tel: +1 41 65 31 24 11
Fax: +1 41 65 31 08 85

Parkdale Community Legal Services (PCLS) is a teaching clinic with law students from Osgoode Hall Law School who work under the supervisions of the staff lawyers. PCLS offers assistance in immigration and refugee cases:

  • Humanitarian and Compassionate landing applications
  • Refugee claims and pre-removal risk assessment applications
  • Landing and family reunification of refugees
  • Work permits, visitor extensions
  • Admittance to schools for immigrant children
  • OHIP for immigrants and renewing interim federal health coverage
  • Loan application for right of landing fee
  • Invitation letters to visitors
  • Sponsorship of relatives
  • Deportation and sponsorship appeals
  • Federal Court applications for judicial review

PCLS’s work is free of charge but criteria for taking on cases is limited by geographic area and our own resources. Please contact for more information.