Books for Basic Training in Refugee Status Determination

The American Immigration Lawyers Association’s Asylum Primer by Regina Germain

The Table of Contents lists appendices and subsections on

  • Interviewing and Intake
  • Practice Pointers for Completing the Asylum Application
  • Sample Declaration
  • Checklist for Preparing for the Asylum Interview
  • Sample Closing Statement
  • Checklist for Supporting Documentation
  • Sample Index of Supporting Documentation
  • Sample Affidavits (Country Conditions; Medical)
  • Preparing for the Hearing
  • Practice Pointers on Direct and Cross-Examination of the Asylum Applicant
  • Sample Brief
  • Selected Resources for Country Condition Information
  • Recommended Texts and Tools

Law of Asylum in the United States by Deborah E. Anker

Law of Asylum in the United States can be found on Amazon.