Addresses/Phone Numbers of UNHCR Country Offices

Do you have difficulties in finding or contacting UNHCR offices in your country? Fahamu Refugee Programme has received an updated list of UNHCR Country Offices in May 2013. We would like to thank UNHCR for its cooperation in this matter. We have found a couple of omissions (Iran and the UAE), see below:

Click here for UNHCR Country Office List

Having previously refrained from publishing street addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of country offices online the UNHCR now publishes details of most of their regional offices. These are available here.  

UNHCR is attempting to put each of its Country Offices online.  It so far has only a few, but it could be worthwhile your checking their sites: See A number of UNHCR operations can be contacted through Facebook and Messenger.

Regional offices for countries are available from the drop-down menu. Those countries without details published have a form available for email contact only. The choice of whether to publish details does not follow any obvious rule. Non-signatories to the 1951 Convention, including Saudi Arabia, publish details whereas countries such as South Africa – a signatory and important refugee host – does not. India, another large democracy with a high refugee intake, and conversely a non-signatory, also does not publish details of the address or phone number.

Where available use the details posted on the UNHCR website as they are more likely to be up to date. Please report problems following ‘Contact Us’.