About AMERA International

Expanding from its former scope in Africa and the Middle East (see our Background), AMERA International now works globally to strengthen the provision of legal aid for refugees. AMERA International’s focus is on enhancing knowledge, capacity, and practices among legal aid providers, lawyers and paralegals, refugee-led organisations, and NGOs working with refugees.

  • AMERA connects individuals, organizations and experts on legal issues relating to asylum determination, durable solutions, family reunification, and other matters relating to the enjoyment of fundamental rights of people who are forcibly displaced.
  • AMERA advances information sharing, networks, and training among lawyers and paralegals in matters relating to forced migration and law affecting refugees in the Global South.
  • AMERA works to improve access to asylum processes and outcomes for refugees with mental health needs: developing structures among organisations to provide legal representation, therapeutic case management, and specialised mental health interventions to support legal processes, including the provision of medico-legal reports.
  • AMERA participates in networks, conducting advocacy, and supporting policy development relating to legal structures for refugees.

For more information on AMERA International’s current programmes and projects, see What We Do.

Our Action Areas

Knowledge Transfer

Networking & Advocacy

Capacity Building

You can help too!

Donations – both large and small – will help us continue to support pro bono refugee legal aid projects worldwide and expand our support for other NGOs and law firms representing refugees