RIPS Technology

What is RIPS?

The acronym RIPS stands for Refugee Information Processing System. It is a free, cloud/web-based system to standardise and secure every input on an individual refugee case management. It increases the effectiveness of data organisation and can be adapted to the specific needs of any organisation.

RIPS enables organisations to maintain client records using a web browser. The software allows organisations to keep track of client information from the first meeting to the successful conclusion by any member of staff who is allowed access to the case.

RIPS can be individually adapted to the specific needs of your organisation. For example, a disclosure of sensitive information can be restricted to the responsible legal advisor, caseworker, social worker or specific department, to keep the highest attainable protection of the client. This may be required in many situations; such as in organisations dealing with personal and highly sensitive information and where a client fears exposure among staff.

RIPS is free of charge

Applied Network Solutions has agreed with AMERA International to make RIPS available FREE of charge to any organisation, which needs a case management tool.

RIPS: increasing productivity for NGOs and law firms

Who is using RIPS?

English language versions of RIPS are used by:

    1. Asylum Access in Malaysia, Thailand and Tanzania .
    2. Paiwand Afghan Association in the UK.
    3. St. Andrews Refugee Services (StARS) in Egypt.
    4. The law firm, Sutovic & Hartigan in the UK.


Spanish language versions are used by:

Asylum Access in Mexico and Ecuador.

An Arabic translation of RIPS is also under way for those charities who want one in that language.