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 What people are saying about Refugee Information Processing System (RIPS)

“Now that the Refugee Information Processing System (RIPS) is free of charge it is timely for all refugee legal aid organisations to standardise the management of refugee cases. We encourage all NGOs and law firms that represent refugees to do so.

We adopted RIPS at AMERA in Egypt early on. It did away with paper files that our office did not have room for and it meant that we could store our cases safely in the UK, which avoided the ever looming threat of the loss of refugee cases to police, fire, flood or theft.

Long before Refugee and Migrant Justice (the UK legal assistance service for refugees) went into administration, RIPS had been incorporated with funding from Comic Relief into our case management at AMERA Egypt.

RIPS required lots of adaptation to the specific needs of AMERA Egypt and your organisation may require such adaptation, too. AMERA International now aims to raise funding for these costs that you may incur, so we recommend that you apply.”

Dr Barbara Harrell-Bond, AMERA International chair


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